5 comments on “Salesforce Developer Evangelist – Some of My Favorite People

  1. Two notes:
    1: I think the dev evangelism team should put together a calendar for charity. Instead of a pinup calendar, it can be the ‘stache-up calendar.
    2: I’m Anxiously waiting for the IRC version of this post. 😉

    • Yorgie, I’m betting the books that will be at the Salesforce1 World Tour will be the Salesforce1 Admin and Developer books. I picked up both during Dreamforce and they’re a nice reference to have around.

      I probably won’t have a post about going into business for yourself for some time since I haven’t gone into business for myself yet. There’s some great folks out there that talked about it. You may want to check out this Dreamforce Session recording with Geraldine Gray and Shell Black: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU6EDpFuC_s

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