9 comments on “Attack of the Headless Flow – Building a Trigger Ready Flow

  1. Yup. Love using these. Makes for some pretty slick functionality without having to use code.

    I’d like the ability to dynamically send email using a folder of email templates every two weeks based on whether or not it’s been sent to them before and the priority of the email template.

    Can’t dynamically choose an email template and send a contact id through in order to perform the merge.

    Likely can with APEX, but I’d rather not go there.

    So I’ve put together another flow that does the same thing just not dynamically. Each template is specifically placed into the flow. Currently 25 flow elements (5 base elements & 2 for each of the currently 10 templates) instead of the 9 nine I could of had if only the SendEmail template could merge data and accept the body field from an email template.

  2. Thanks so much for this! The definitions really helped clarify what otherwise seemed like interchangeable terms.

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  5. Thank you Mister Wizard! Really helpful.
    I learned how to send an email alert based on a autolaunch flow.
    At first I forgot the “input and output” property for the record Id which was causing an error… Don’t forget this one!

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