4 comments on “Salesforce Productivity Magic Tricks: Page Layouts

  1. In addition to the CTRL trick, try grabbing them in the order you want them to appear – you can drop them on the page and they will populate in the same order from top to bottom.

  2. Great tip – I had no idea! My favorite page layout trick is one you probably know – when editing columns on a related list item, you can choose to apply those column changes to all the layouts that have that same related list. Definitely saves time when someone asks to make a change! (Now if we could sort by multiple columns in a related list that would be awesome!)

  3. Hi Brian,
    Screen shots really help and if time permits a video using webex or go2meeting might help the admins to use your trick. My tip for the day is a productivity tip with spring 15 for service cloud users. Macro feature in spring 15 will help to automate repeated tasks for agents and let them do it in one click of a button. So if a call center agent has to create a task, send an email and post to a chatter group, all these actions can be automated with macro feature and performed with one click of a button. This is available for service cloud users only..

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