2 comments on “Poof! Your Admin Has Disappeared! What Now?

  1. Great article on the technical aspects of this. I’d be interested in seeing a blog post on how a company should cope with the loss of an admin or team who knows the ins and outs of a company’s data and was highly collaborative, and how to transfer that knowledge base to the new admin or admin team to not lose steam and run the platform completely off the tracks.

    • Ryan,

      Great question. This can be really difficult since it means hiring a replacement so you can overlap with the administrator that is leaving. This may not always been an option. What may help is to include your highly collaborative team in the hiring process. Finding the right person who will fit that team and has the expertise you need is crucial to the continued success of the team. It can be very difficult to put the wrong person in a team and keep that team as collaborative and successful.

      Knowledge transfer can be difficult, especially in complicated orgs. Hopefully, there’s some documentation on paper and within salesforce itself (description fields!) to help with that knowledge transfer. The best option to try to have overlap so the outgoing admin can help the incoming admin get up to speed as quickly as possible.

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