About Wizard News

Welcome to Wizard News

Wizard News is a faux newspaper dedicated to columns for Administrators and Developers. We’re still renovating our workspace, so please be patient.

Wizard News is proud to have Brian Kwong as our Editor-in-chief. He is joined by our snap reporters to bring all the greatest news on Salesforce for administrators and developers.

Don’t care about APEX, Visualforce and all the other fun developer topics? Stop and cool your heels with our “Admin’s Corner” columns.

Prefer looking at Salesforce in the terms of lined code? We have some great “Letters to the Developer” for you!

Our Staff & Reporters

Brian Kwong is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wizard News. He’s a Salesforce MVP and has been using the Salesforce.com platform since 2007. Among many things, Brian is known as the guy who walks around in a wizard hat. He can be found on twitter @kwongerific and on the Salesforce Success Community.
Adam Marks is a Salesforce admin and consultant who has been working with the platform since 2011. He received the amazing honor of being inducted as an MVP with the Summer 13 class in 2013. When he is not working on Salesforce, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter as well as sneaking in some gaming time as well. You can connect with Adam on the Salesforce Community or follow him on Twitter @adammarks1224 Adam also has the distinguish honor of being the first guest reporter on Wizard News.

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